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Home Decor

Brighten up your home with our LED neon wall art. A perfect wall decoration and a night light, our neon signs are safe and energy efficient. Choose from carefully curated designs or create your own with the help of our design team.

Home Office

Decorate your office space with our LED neon signs. From motivational quotes to fun wall art, our LED neons will set your mood to hustle. Customize the designs with our Create Your Own page or speak to us about your special request!

Kids Room Decor

Our LED neon signs is a great addition to nursery wall decoration. The LED neons are safe for children as they are made from flexible tubing and do not heat up. Use them as bright LED wall art or night light. Choose from our carefully curated collection of neons or design your...

Our Collection

Our curated collection of classic LED Neon signs, a mix of both customer designed signs and in house designs. Each of these signs comes in different colours and sizes to fit your interior just right. The perfect selection to help you decorate empty walls and find inspiration for your home.