Stars and Moons - LED neon sign
Stars and Moons - LED neon sign
Stars and Moons - LED neon sign
Stars and Moons - LED neon sign
Stars and Moons - LED neon sign
Stars and Moons - LED neon sign

Stars and Moons - LED neon sign

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Stars and Moons LED Neon Sign

Brighten up your room with our delicate Stars and Moons LED neon sign. Perfect fit for the bedroom to insure a sound sleep! Choose from a variety of colours to suit your mood and illuminate the space.

Our LED neon signs are safe for everyone including children and pets.

Small: 80cm/ 31 inch (width)
Large: 150cm/ 59 inch (width)

*All sizes are approximate due to the handmade nature of our products

Backing - transparent, cut to shape


  • Each sign is made from high quality neon flex and mounted to acrylic board. Our neon flex is made from PVC piping with LED lights inside, this technique gives the illusion of traditional neon with bright lights intense colours, while being more durable and at a more affordable price.
  • Hanging options
    - On the wall : We will provide you with enough standoff pins, strong yet discreet screws, that will allow you to securely mount your sign to the wall. You will need to provide some tools as you will need to drill holes in the wall. Installation typically takes between 10 and 20 minutes and is no more difficult than hanging a picture frame
    - Why not check out command strips from Amazon, if you don't want to make any holes to your wall.

What's in the box?

  • Your awesome new neon sign
  • Power Supply: Each sign comes with an easy to use power supply, simply plug it in like you would a lamp. We provide the correct plug depending on your location (EU, UK, US, AU). The cable is a 2 meter transparent cable, attached to a black AC/DC converter and a black plug, so that you can easily and discreetly power your sign.
  • Hanging system: Each sign comes pre drilled and with the necessary items to hang your sign in it’s new home.

Couldn't find the colour you like or wish to add to the design? Speak to our Customer Service Team to order a customized sign!

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